The San Antonio Clubhouse – Building Valuable Life Skills

San Antonio Clubhouse pic
San Antonio Clubhouse

Former USAA executive Dawn Johnson is active in a wide range of charitable pursuits, and particularly enjoys supporting patient health organizations both in and outside of her San Antonio home. Dawn Johnson is a member of the San Antonio Clubhouse board of directors.

The San Antonio Clubhouse works to support men and women who live with mental illnesses. It provides valuable resources to people as they recover, allowing them to build relationships with other members and Clubhouse staff as they prepare to re-enter the workforce.

The Culinary and Dining Unit at the Clubhouse allows members to become familiar with food preparation best-practices and to cultivate healthy eating habits. Culinary and Dining Unit members help create restaurant-quality meals for their fellow members, handling everything from planning to cleanup.

Participants in this program help develop a monthly menu, including shopping for ingredients. They raise the fresh vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen on-site in raised gardening beds.