Team in Training Trains Athletes and Philanthropists

Businesswoman Dawn Johnson is the founder and chief executive officer of DMJ Consulting, a firm in San Antonio, Texas. Dawn Johnson has extensive experience in the insurance industry, having worked with the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) for 20 years. Apart from her work with DMJ Consulting and USAA, Johnson sits on the Board of Trustees for the South Texas chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), a volunteer-led organization that seeks to fund research for the cure of blood cancer and raise public awareness about the disease.

The LLS’s South Texas chapter regularly participates in the organization’s Team in Training (TNT) project. TNT gives people the opportunity to undergo a supervised sports program that allows them to reach their goals of completing a half or full marathon, triathlon, or any other endurance event. Participants are provided with their own personalized training schedule (which usually lasts from three to four months) and mentors/coaches who will guide them throughout the duration of the program.

TNT’s main goal is to raise funds for LLS. Aside from sports training, TNT provides participants with tools and information to assist them in setting up successful fundraisers on their own. The money raised is used to fund LLS’s research and advocacy campaigns, information resources, and patient services. To learn more about the initiative, visit