WWP Issues Grant to Support Team RWB

Previously a senior marketing executive with USAA, Dawn Johnson has lent her skills to a number of businesses throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area as an independent consultant and team builder. In addition her previous professional involvement with veterans through USAA, Dawn Johnson has personally supported the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP).

As one of the largest organizations supporting veterans in the United States, WWP extends financial support to other organizations that serve veterans. Since starting its grant program, WWP has succeeded in distributing over $9.1 million to more than 85 organizations.

In 2014, WWP selected Team Red, White and Blue (RWB) as a grant recipient. Established in 2010, Team RWB is a national program focused on bridging the civilian-military divide and actively engaging veterans with the local community. The funds from WWP support more than 56,000 team members in over 115 communities, providing invaluable services to small communities while helping veterans proactively cope with stress.

To find more information about Team RWB in San Antonio or other locations, visit http://www.teamrwb.org.

About the San Antonio Clubhouse

Dawn Johnson, a former senior-level professional with USAA, shares her time with several charitable organizations in San Antonio. Dawn Johnson currently sits on the board of the San Antonio Clubhouse.

Dedicated to supporting the recovery of individuals with mental illness, the San Antonio Clubhouse focuses on building relationships. It operates as an outgrowth of the broader Clubhouse movement, which began in 1948 when former patients of Rockland State Hospital in New York came together to offer support as they worked toward re-entering society. Their small meeting has since led to the founding of 300 Clubhouses worldwide.

At the San Antonio Clubhouse, members collaborate with one another and with dedicated staff to create opportunities. Members engage in jobs ranging from cleaning and organizing the building and its grounds to collecting data about the organization’s programs. Members receive access to a variety of support programs, including a three-tier employment initiative that begins with supported part-time work and ideally ends with the member re-entering the competitive workforce. Each member can also take advantage of on-site San Antonio Clubhouse initiatives, such as breakfast and lunch programs and fitness center activities.

Team in Training Trains Athletes and Philanthropists

Businesswoman Dawn Johnson is the founder and chief executive officer of DMJ Consulting, a firm in San Antonio, Texas. Dawn Johnson has extensive experience in the insurance industry, having worked with the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) for 20 years. Apart from her work with DMJ Consulting and USAA, Johnson sits on the Board of Trustees for the South Texas chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), a volunteer-led organization that seeks to fund research for the cure of blood cancer and raise public awareness about the disease.

The LLS’s South Texas chapter regularly participates in the organization’s Team in Training (TNT) project. TNT gives people the opportunity to undergo a supervised sports program that allows them to reach their goals of completing a half or full marathon, triathlon, or any other endurance event. Participants are provided with their own personalized training schedule (which usually lasts from three to four months) and mentors/coaches who will guide them throughout the duration of the program.

TNT’s main goal is to raise funds for LLS. Aside from sports training, TNT provides participants with tools and information to assist them in setting up successful fundraisers on their own. The money raised is used to fund LLS’s research and advocacy campaigns, information resources, and patient services. To learn more about the initiative, visit www.teamintraining.org.

Former USAA Executive Dawn Johnson on the Cancer Council of Reno County

The Cancer Council of Reno County (CCRC) is a nonprofit organization that works exclusively with cancer victims and their loved ones in the Kansas County. The group mainly provides supplemental aid, such as through monetary reimbursement for medical and nutritional expenses, provision of wigs and prosthetics, and transportation assistance.

In addition to this support, the CCRC offers cancer victims access to a loan program for the expensive medical equipment that often comes with treatment and recovery. The CCRC operates within an expansive network that includes other nonprofits like the American Cancer Society to provide resources to sufferers and their families as well as bolster educational initiatives in the county through public and professional education programs.

The organization holds several fundraisers annually, including the Western-themed Reno Round-Up, and the Starlight Remembrance, a candlelight vigil held in Hutchison’s Avenue A Park.

Dawn Johnson, a former top consultant with insurance and business services firm USAA, recently founded DMJ Consulting. She has contributed to several causes in support of cancer research across the United States.